Fundamentals & Data Types

Bytecode: Bytecode is a set of optimized instruction generated by java compiler during compilation phase & nature of the bytecode is more powerful than pointer code of ‘C', C# language. Bytecode is common for all operating system. JVM(Java Virtual  Machine): JVM is one of the programs developed by Sun Microsystem developer, available as a part... Continue Reading →

Features of Java

Features of a language are nothing but the set of services or facilities provided by the language vendors to the industry programmers. Java language provides 13 features to the industry programmers to develop various application as follows : 1. Simple 2. Platform Independent 3. Architectural Neutral 4. Portable 5. Multithreaded 6. Networked 7. Distributed 8. High... Continue Reading →

Installing Java & System Environment Variable

Downloading & Installing JDK 1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8 Go to link: JDK download Click on the radio button "Accept License Agreement" in the "Java SE Development Kit 8u121" list or table. Select JDK file in accordance with Operating System which you are using or about to use. Run the downloaded file & install JDK. [ keep the destination... Continue Reading →

History of Java

Java is a programming language/technology used for developing distributed application by making use of client-server architecture. Java language developed at Sun Microsystem in the year 1990 under the guidance of James Gosling & others. Originally Sun Microsystem is one of the academic university (Stanford University Network) developed the rules for java & those rules are... Continue Reading →


Software: Set of program meant to perform some specific operation. In real world software is classified into 3 types: 1. System Software 2. Application Software 3. Internet Software System Software: Development of device driver(Software for the printer, scanner. Development of language compiler, utility program, Linker program. Development of RTOS(Real-time operating system) like solaris, windows, unix, linux.  Application... Continue Reading →

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