Software: Set of program meant to perform some specific operation. In real world software is classified into 3 types:
1. System Software
2. Application Software
3. Internet Software

System Software:

  • Development of device driver(Software for the printer, scanner.
  • Development of language compiler, utility program, Linker program.
  • Development of RTOS(Real-time operating system) like solaris, windows, unix, linux.

 Application Software: To develop project/software for the organization

  • Application (Banking, Insurance)
  • HealthCare (Hospital,…)
  • Transportation
  • Education

To develop this application, two technologies are used:
> Front-End
> Back-End

Front-End: To develop GUI application(Look & feel application), two types of technologies are used.

1. Platform Dependent:
> Visual Basic(Microsoft)
> Development 2000(Oracle)

If we develop any GUI application with the above technologies then such GUI application runs on Microsoft provided operating system only, but not able to run on the  non-Microsoft operating system. Hence they are called as platform dependent front-end technologies.

2. Platform Independent:
> AWT, Applet, Swing

If we develop any GUI application with the above technologies then such GUI application runs on all operating system. Hence they are called as platform independent front-end technologies.

Back-End: Purpose of the back-end technologies is to get data persistency(Stored in data permanently).So to achieve data persistency, we have two approaches:
1. Files
2. Database Software

If we store data permanently in the form of files then any unauthorized user can modify the data of the file. Because file concept of any language never provide username & password & they are unsecured back-end technologies.
If we store the data in the form in the form of database software then unauthorized user cannot modify the data because database software provides the security in the form of username & password. Hence they are considered as secured back-end technologies.
Internet Software:
The purpose of the internet software is to develop distributed application.
To develop distributed application we use following technologies:

1.JAVA: Developed by Sun Microsystem Inc, USA
(Subsidiary of Oracle Corporations)

2..NET: Developed by Microsoft Inc, USA

Hence Java is one of the internet software developed by the Sun Microsystem released to the real world which is used by all programmer for the development of each & every application & is more popular for the development of distributed application.

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